Triangle Shawl

Selam herkese,

This is my latest project this week… close your eyes and count.. 1..2..3!

Tadaaa! 😀


I can’t stand to crochet this yarn, Alize Superlana Zincir Batik. I love the colours!

I am using the pattern above. It’s so simple and fun!

Have a blessed Friday everyone!
-Ayza Gursoy

Nas Teshbehlena

Ah I love this song so much, lets read the translation..

People like us

Yes indeed, we all are alike
The same souls and blood
We get along (feel comfortable)
With whom are like us
Words! Have the same words (have the same conversations)
Even have the same concerns
Companionship can’t ever be forgotten
No matter what

? Even… our colour and forms
That means I look like you exactly
And we have many wonderful things in common
Come on! Just give me your hand (for salam)
No need to talk
When the most beautiful times, memories cross the mind
Even if we have tough Duties
Together we can pass over it, you and me

Sometimes people feel comfy with you
They take your heart, without saying a word
And take you all of a sudden, without saying anything
No doubt you are just like them
And in your life, you cant find good people every day!
They are quite few whom staying forever with you
Because of you people
Come from agree to disagree


No matter how hard are the things we are facing,
With you we feel very special (happy moments)
Every minute of joy…
that we had together is priceless
Any other thing in the world is worthless compared..
to a moment with you
As long as you are on our side…
we don’t care about anything
We were wishing for so long…
to feel so happy deep inside our hearts
Even if the time take us away..
just keep in touch..
Who would’ve thought about that happening
Finally (we found people like us)
Indeed, there’re people like us
We all are alike


(the translation credit to amnah)

* * *

p/s: I’m sorry cuz still can’t update more. Currently I’m in progress of moving to a new house. Quite busy but InshaAllah will update more after this. -Ayza G.

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Sweater For …

Selam herkese,

I supposed to write on the right date, right time, ya? 😀 Anyway, this sweater is already done in the end of October 2015, knitted with love for my little handsome man, Ismail Zubeyr. He’s just started his elementary school early of this Autumn, and I kept missing him every day since that.. Autumn is very cold these days and I thought my little grown baby should have a new sweater.


Ismail really loves the colours of this yarn. I am using Alize Burcum Batik from Mengait.Com, and Addi Click Lace interchangeable knitting needles size 4.0mm for this project.

Oh ya, I’ll be offline for quite some time to finish my second book (Mengait Cinta di Istanbul II), the deadline is just around the corner. In case you need urgent help regarding yarns/knitting/crocheting, reach me via or I’ll try my best to reply whenever I am online, InshaAllah.

Till then, see you around soon!

Best regards,
-Ayza Gursoy


Beli Benang Kait Borong?



Selam semua,

Alright, hari ini kita cakap Melayu 😀 Kepada semua pengait (crocheter & knitter) yang berminat untuk membeli benang kait buatan Turki seperti Alize, Nako, Kartopu, Himalaya dan sebagainya, boleh contact kami terus di 😉Promo_Ayza

Hanya yang terbaik di Benang Kait Online Store!


Crocheting Flower :)

Today is 19th Ramadhan 1436.
I got loads of works to do, but I have to take some rest.
So I take my hook and I started to crochet this.



I love the colours, and in one skein I got dark and light pinks, dark and light purples, blue shades, aqua, and green shades. Feel really happy and relaxing crocheting Alize Diva Batik. Seriously!

I am supplying this yarn and many other colours for Alize Diva Batik. If you would like to purchase in bulk (recommended), please do contact us at or for details.

Best regards,
-Ayza Gursoy
20020 Denizli, Turkey

Turkish Yarns Supplier

Interested to buy Turkish knitting and crocheting yarns?

Interested to buy in bulk with affordable and small quantity?

BenangKait Online Store is a Turkish Yarns Supplier since 2010 and this is our 5th year supplying Turkish yarns all over the world direct from Turkey to your destinations!

For further information, do contact us at

Thank you and best regards,
-Ayza Gursoy
BenangKait Online Store


Reversible Knitting Bag

Selam herkese,

How are you? Hope every of you are doing fine there, InshaAllah. Spring is here! What can you imagine to do in Spring? Cleaning house, washing everything as many as you can (ahaha), cleaning – cleaning – cleaning! I can’t stop myself since I felt the warmth of the sun, warmer and warmer and I think I have to rush to complete every work that I have, before I ‘lost’ the sun soon!

The sun heat my heart to start sewing again. After few visits to buy cottons, I got ideas of sewing knitting bag. I want something unique, simple but elegant (ehemz! ahaha). And after a sewing few prototypes, I finally absorbed the easiest techniques of doing it.

Come and have a look, friends!




 I’m addict to sew this bag!

RedTurkish Reversible Knitting Bag

It’s reversible, using 100% Turkish Cotton. I am not thinking to sell it at the first, but after receiving many requests from friends and customers, I think it’s time to ‘shine’ my sewing skill, isn’t it? I am currently crocheting and in the same time knitting for orders, and now adding up in my list – sewing bags!

All I have to say, Alhamdulillah, I thanked God for everything.

Busy or busier, it doesn’t matter.
Passion of crafts does matter!

Till then, see you next time everyone!

Best regards,
-Ayza Gursoy
20020 Denizli, Turkey

Alize Softy Baby Yarns

Selam herkese,

It’s been a long time I am not writing here. Loads of things to do, and still, lots and loads still waiting in list! Lol.. I’m gonna write more about my short trip to Malaysia after my family went back from Turkey – but hey, I have more interesting thing to tell you – it’s Alize Softy Baby Yarns!

Have you tested this yarn before? It’s sooooo soft, and easy to knit/crochet, trust me! The only thing you have to be careful while crocheting/knitting this yarn is, count your stitches – cause u hardly can see your stitches – just you’ll see is the soft fluffy textures, and I bet you’ll love it!

This is Beanie Hat I crocheted for my little baby Ismail Zubeyr, using Tulip crochet hook size 5.0mm. It just nice and perfect for the yarn.


This yarn is available for purchase at For details, contact us at or

I will write more soon! Thank you and have great day everyone!

Best regards,
-Ayza Gursoy
20020 Turkey